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Not Right   Scrabbel
Lyrically it's about the changing relationship between two old friends. People that haven't seen each other in a long time, coming together, and then drifting apart again. Have you ever known someone for so long that even though it's... read more 8 Comments
Oh Yeah   The Invisible Cities
ok. For "Oh Yeah", I like the confusion between (conflation of?) sarcasm and sincerity in the verse and even in the chorus, which i always think of as confessional in a classic pop music sense. I'm never really convinced about... read more 0 Comments
Embarcadero Blues   Goh Nakamura
The verse section of this song was inspired by Roy Orbison. I was trying to write something that I could imagine him singing. I should probably concentrate on writing songs for singers who are still alive! I recorded and... read more 3 Comments
Silver Dollar   The Invisible Cities
Gary created this track all by his lonesome in his apartment in Brooklyn. It has a great Latin Playboys-esque spy-movie-car-chase-on-valium feel to it. He's composed a whole bunch of these little set pieces, with the thought that they might... read more 0 Comments
Nicotine   Scrabbel
Over the years, I have really tried to get away from the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure of most songs. I've been writing more music that begins in one place, and ends somewhere else alltogether. This song is a perfect example of that.... read more 4 Comments
Watertown   The Invisible Cities
ok. For Watertown. ok. What I like about it is that it makes me remember that feeling of being young and not really understanding (or even caring maybe) what's going on around you -- just being drowsy... read more 0 Comments
Daylight Savings   Goh Nakamura
There are three things that inspired this song- Bob Dylan. Highway 280. My Uncle. I was a late bloomer concerning Dylan's music, but I saw the light after seeing the documentary about him entitled "Don't Look Back". A few... read more 2 Comments
Yo Yo Yo (Please Don’t Fall in Love) (+/-)   Scrabbel
This is a cover of my friend's band's song. I met the band +/- (Plus Minus) a few times over trips to New York. I first saw them perform in San Francisco a few years ago, and remember how... read more 1 Comment
Sleep Music for Jeff   Odessa Chen
Sleep Music for Jeff was written to capture tenderness. To express how it feels when you first are beginning to love someone and you are first watching them sleeping. Maybe it's very late at night or very early in the... read more 0 Comments
Side by Side   Odessa Chen
Side by Side is pretty straightforward, it's there in the lyrics. It's about being alone with your memories and coming to terms with the terms of existence. It's about attempting to relate to others when you know they are... read more 282 Comments
Regret (New Order)   The Invisible Cities
"Regret" guess this was our attempt to cover an already great and well done song. We made it a little on the dreamy side...I like to think that we ended up with a very warm, glowy, homey rendition, with... read more 0 Comments
Have a Little Faith (John Hiatt)   Goh Nakamura
My sister's friends asked me to record this John Hiatt song for the first dance of their wedding. I recorded it in about a day in my parent's house. My sister Aya (who is also the background voice... read more 9 Comments
The Story   Oliver Saria
When Gary approached me to write this comic, he gave me few parameters. The only thing he suggested was a boy-meets-girl scenario. I hate that type of shit. Romantic stuff ain't my forte. Since this is a... read more 0 Comments